Monday, 4 April 2011

My Desktop setup

Here goes my desktop.

Operating System: GNU/Linux
Flavour: Ubuntu (Debian Derivative)
Version: 10.10 (kept up to date)
Hardware(striped down): Intel C2D, 4GB, 320GB. 
Manufacture & Model: Toshiba Satellite Pro.

Desktop Manager: Gnome
Compositing Manager: Compiz
Gnome-panel : set to be hidden always and removed all that I can from the panel. (ie., panel is empty now, but we can't remove last panel completely.)
Icon ThemeFenza Dark. (see link for ppa)
Menu: Cardapio Menu (using ppa) it even have awn applet. 

Other gtk themes in use: Elegent, Equinox, A new hope.
Other Icon theme in use: awoken
Cursor theme: X11-Gear (Sorry, I can't find exact package now, but it's there)
File Manager: nautilus-elementary  (nautilus isn't complete with this, sleek elegant look,breadcrumbs, inbuilt terminal, clutter view) and make use of extra pane and tabs ;)
File Preview: Gloobus preview


  1. FYI: You can remove the last panel by going to gconf-editor, then navigating to /desktop/gnome/session/required_components and modifying the key "panel" to "avant-window-navigator" instead of "gnome-panel".

  2. Yup, I know that.
    The problem with me is that I tries unity-2D and gnome3 often.
    Which made panel an essential thing.
    guess what, you don't have panel in those sessions and you're gone.

    So I hides the panel now, and set the settings back to gnome-panel from awn