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Tic Tac Toe in python - Just for fun

The other day, I was looking for some GNU/Linux administration reference, I ended up viewing a "tic tac toe" program in Ruby at a Linux admin's blog.
He wrote that in ruby and took him 90mins. That was written using class. But "Zen of Python in mind", I wrote my own version without class. I prefer this way (sparse is better than dense), and I enjoy Python more when, I think of my Java days.  I haven't read ruby code before hand so, I did not wrote a clone of ruby code. And this took me around 40min. Because, I realized some missing features only when I played it several times. Then only I added those. Specifically, drawing complete board after someone wins and stopping the game when all fields are filled out.

I'll not say, the program is beautiful and very readable. However, it's good enough for playing with it.