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Correct way to structure your Django 1.4 projects

PS: This post is written assuming you're familiar with Django and at-least have some basic experience trying to set-up a Django project (for learning or for some cool project).

Purpose: To show how to properly set-up your Django1.4 project after seeing other developers getting it wrong (seen it wrongly structured by my mentee, senior developers and junior developers at my firm.).

Refer above picture, where I shown a Django < 1.4 project structure. (I know, at least Django 1.2 & 1.3 follows this structure).

First tree view is of the initial structure that you will get by calling
$ django-admin startproject Proj Take a note that,, are in the main folder.
Following  tree display is after creating two apps named app1 & app2. You'll do it as follows

$ ./ startapp app1 $ ./ startapp app2 Those apps are created in the same level as and

Now,  Django 1.4 changed this organization slightly. They now make s…