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My Conky Configuration File

Edit :                        (Aug 17, 2013)
All my configurations including conky's are now hosted at

I've been hearing about this conky for a long time.
I think I tried it once in my 5 years of linux experience.
But, I haven't experienced it till last day.

Conky is a system monitor originally based on torsmo! What the heck is this "torsomo"?
Honestly, I don't know. Le me google that for you....

Torsmo is a system monitor that sits in the corner of your desktop. It's very simple, customizable and it renders only text on the desktop (and percentagebars if you want it to ;) and the only lib it uses is Xlib.
Torsmo can show various information about your system and it's peripherals, including:
  1. Kernel version
  2. Uptime
  3. System time
  4. Network interface information
  5. Memory and swap usage
  6. Hostname
  7. Machine, i686 for example
  8. System name, Linux for example
  9. Temperatures from i2c-sensors
  10. Temperature from ACPI
  11. Battery capacity from ACPI/APM
  12. Number of processes running or sleeping
  13. Local mails (unread and all)
  14. Filesystem stats

 Enough, right?
Ok, Now what's conky?

Conky seems to fit in the same reign as of torsmo, but with more awesomeness, customizability and lots of inbuilt variables(almost 300) to access almost all features of system. Even bindings for POP, IMAP, music players like mpd, moc, audacious...
You can use Lua scripts to customize it and use cairo to draw whatever way you wish...

Enough said, I don't need another resource hog, well, you are wrong, conky is designed to be lightweight. 

search for conky themes various configurations. 

OK, Now goes my custom conky configuration file. I customized it the last day.
You can mix and match it however you like it.
You can see the result here.

Looks nice, how can I try this,

All that's easy, if you are on linux.

See conky documentation on how to install it on your system.

After that install .conkyrc from here

And place, ".conkyrc" on your home directory.

More on readme file.


  1. You have again started making your linux eye-candy?.
    Anyway looks good. :)

  2. @sandeep:disqus: No more eye candies.
    Did a lot of that while using P4 and 512 ram.Now I've C2D and 4gb. But I'm also going to be a sys admin ;-)So, even compiz is in bare minimum (no fire, rain, explodes, .., bla bla bla )And, Conky is for system monitoring. (for my purpose) and you should also try it. It's light weight and scripted to suit your needs.


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