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Files in C++

I know all of you, who tried to learn C++, someday wishes to have a good understanding on Files in C++. But It's not easy to find all that stuff in one place. Today I completed writing a seminar paper on the same topic. Although it's for my collage, and is a work given by my C++ lecturer, I decided to publish it for interested audience. So I uploaded it to my Google Docs account. You can find it here.

But still you may find that it's not so explanatory or there is not so enough examples., etc. But don't worry, I am going to write a series on the same topic. So wait for it. And I guarantee to provide many examples too.

One more thing this document is published under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Contact Manager Extended

The program I wrote recently. That I posted here in an early post.
Now I made some changes. That is now you can add as many emails and phone contacts. Also you can add a new email or phone after a contact is created. ie., missing form previous version.
But one ToDo is still not done. It's verifying whether email is correct format.
It can be done another day. But not now.

You can download source here.
contact manager by Arun.K.R is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

My First Python Program

I am very glad today. Because I finally wrote a python program all by myself. I am programming for about 3 years. Of which 2 are using C++ (Old standard and using Turbo C++ IDE ver 3.0 and yet to master Templates and STL. [:-p]) and After starting python using Dive into Python an excellent book by Mark Pilgrim during my 1st year summer vacation, and I only completed Data Structure section. Then I found an excellent Java tutorial by Sang Shin and obtained a certificate by completing First and basic course in Java.
Now I am working with My Friend to develop applications in java. We established a web site already. He started programming when he is in 10, ie. more than 2 years of experience. He has Visual Basic too in his side. Now he is doing with JSP and I am concentrating on Python, Ruby (yet to start) and CSS.

Today My pleasure is that I completed a python program myself. Which is asked to do in 'A byte of Python' by Swaroop.C.H. Which is a command line program; and helps us…