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Rich Internet Application & GWT : Angel of Java Programmers

We all are hearing the buzz about Rich Internet Applications (RIA) about a year or so. But, what the heck is that beast? You may ask. For the user's perspective, it's the desktop like experience delivered over web. Yes, you feel like you are using a real desktop application (well, at least sort of). The richness of desktop controls is transferred to web.

How RIA is build? Arise another question. These all started with that amazing kid called AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Then more and more tools become available, like Java FX, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex (and Adobe Flash), Microsoft Silverlight. But these tools, though it gives rapid and organized web application development, required some kind of plug-ins to be installed on your browser. There is the importance of AJAX based RIAs, because JavaScript is enabled in almost all browsers in use today.

However, It's not a fool proof solution, because there are people who switch off JavaScript for some reason, like me ;-).  Bu…

XML: Is it worth

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Yes, I confess, I don't like XML at all. Reason, It's way too complication and I personally feels like it's a waste of storage space. Please, don't tell me that storage(be it memory or disk) is so cheap now a days. I still care. May be because, I started my programming (Computer Science) education with mighty "C". I always prefer to squeeze memory and make my programs as small as possible, (reason, why I changed from C++ to Java, then to Python: not to mention rapid development.) .
Why use XML at all. There are good old RDBMS. Well if you find buzz about ODBMS, use them. Or use simple JSON. Or better, go for Google's ProtocolBuffers. Web programming in Java, now days become full of xml configuration files.And it'll go on, getting multiplied as your system gets bigger, web services included and so on. So much work, if some one ask me about it! Thanks to web2py, I can make the same applications that…

SDLC: No more words....

My Strength : What I think I possess!

I love to learn new things throughout my life, and it seems that’s my greatest strength. Also I’m a quick learner once I feel interest in things.And willingness to work hard to achieve my goals is certainly with me.I must say, I’m technical proficient. Also, I have great problem-solving skills and am willing to learn new things to get the job done.

I’m an open minded person. In most situations, I maintain a positive attitude & outlook. One of my greatest strength is that I’m a good listener. I think, I possess the ability to think and evaluate situations in other person’s point of view. I think I can work under pressure well enough and take wise decisions.

The belief in myself is strong for me. So this self-confidence must be accounted as my greatest strength. I’m a good helper towards those who need it. I’m a slow starter but once started I’ll be fully committed and dedicative. I like to organize things and like to be neat with anything that I do. Certainly I’m co-o…


For the first time in my life, I started to feel dilemma about my future.
Do I've to pursue MBA now or Is it better to go for WASE program of WIPRO or as System associate in iGATE Global Solutions.

I don't know. My mind is swinging like a pendulum. I've hope, 'cause it's not swinging hard.
Reasons are many,
I know I can do well with Computers and I love them. My friends keep saying that Computer is good for me. Teachers are saying that, Join for the job and do higher studies as part-time.

But in both interviews sessions, the HR's told me to pursue higher studies after seeing my score. My Family and relatives says that,  do higher studies now.

And do I need any more reasons to be confused. Can I perform well as a businessman. As a manager or as a financial consultant., etc.,
I've such doubts too.

I know I don't like to be a marketing guy. So the finance and HR are my hopes. Yes systems, IT and operations are not there in the institute I joined.


Hopes: all are different

Hope doesn't have any ends. It have wings; and it's so mesmerizing. My hopes are no different. But they all aims a different set of targets than most of the people out there.