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For the first time in my life, I started to feel dilemma about my future.
Do I've to pursue MBA now or Is it better to go for WASE program of WIPRO or as System associate in iGATE Global Solutions.

I don't know. My mind is swinging like a pendulum. I've hope, 'cause it's not swinging hard.
Reasons are many,
I know I can do well with Computers and I love them. My friends keep saying that Computer is good for me. Teachers are saying that, Join for the job and do higher studies as part-time.

But in both interviews sessions, the HR's told me to pursue higher studies after seeing my score. My Family and relatives says that,  do higher studies now.

And do I need any more reasons to be confused. Can I perform well as a businessman. As a manager or as a financial consultant., etc.,
I've such doubts too.

I know I don't like to be a marketing guy. So the finance and HR are my hopes. Yes systems, IT and operations are not there in the institute I joined.

College doesn't have an AICTE approval, So I'm concerned about the feasibility to get a loan. So far college is doing well. And I trusted them and doesn't even applied to any other college.

Before I'm in a similar problem, when I joined for B.Sc computer science since that years B.Tech admissions are lagged a lot. After getting a Mechanical seat I decided to not go for it in favor of Computer Science. Now, After 3 years I feel no guilty. I landed in two good job opportunities and my friends are still studying. And their future opportunities are tallied with mine. In short I earned 1 year, That's precious.

But this time I cannot able to land in a solid decision as before. But I hope after one month at MILE, Pune, I can successfully prove that I'm not wrong.


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