Wednesday, 24 November 2010

XML: Is it worth

Yes, I confess, I don't like XML at all. Reason, It's way too complication and I personally feels like it's a waste of storage space. Please, don't tell me that storage(be it memory or disk) is so cheap now a days. I still care. May be because, I started my programming (Computer Science) education with mighty "C". I always prefer to squeeze memory and make my programs as small as possible, (reason, why I changed from C++ to Java, then to Python: not to mention rapid development.) .

Why use XML at all. There are good old RDBMS. Well if you find buzz about ODBMS, use them. Or use simple JSON. Or better, go for Google's ProtocolBuffers.
Web programming in Java, now days become full of xml configuration files.And it'll go on, getting multiplied as your system gets bigger, web services included and so on. So much work, if some one ask me about it! Thanks to web2py, I can make the same applications that I used to do with Java (on web) or with GWT (of course with pyjamas)  with absolutely no xml. I'm sure other python frameworks also qualify.

So, avoid xml as much as you can. I'll not, because, I (read, clients) still need Java based web solutions no matter there's no significant advantage they can derive from not using python but java, and make it take almost double or tipple time than it take, if it developed in python. I also use xml, because I'm an html coder too. (Well html now a days get standardized to add an 'x' before html ==> xHTML. So many things changed for bad coders. I have to change headers only)

Aaahhh,, we are deviating. so what's we are upto??
Oh I got, "XML"!!! Decide yourself. I've other things to do...

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