Saturday, 24 November 2012

Where is your site? Boy!!!

It's not something which gives you pleasure to publicly humiliate oneself; but I guess that's what I need just now.

It's been almost 3 years since I registered my domain.

And till this moment I failed to put a good website in there :-(
It's not because I can't code one, It's a child's play for me to put a site up (at least a basic one will take no more than few hours).

Yet, I've only a demo project in there. I should be ashamed.

Why didn't I put something up:
I've lot of lame excuses; yeah I'm good at it.

  1. I wanted an awesome design, And I didn't find one.
  2. I decided on a complex design involving lots of bleeding edge technologies, And I don't have a VPS/server.
    • Well, honestly, I only had resources for GAE, but still I could have managed an awesome site. "Kick my A**"
  3. I was so busy with work and creating solutions for others.
  4. I asked my friend to create a design for me, & he is yet to deliver it. Blame him, he is so lazy.

Enough, I can't take anymore abuse :'-(

Doh, Duh,
I sat down today and designed a UX for my to be created site. (Hah, at least... )

It's what I came up. We'll see how long I'll sit idle before turning it into a product.

Here's what I think about the stack.

  1. Google App Engine (GAE) as hosting platform. You know it's in cloud and is so scalable and blah.. blah.. (I don't have a VPS, probably don't need either, at least for now.). I wanted to try node.js
  2. Python as back-end: My plan is to create a REST api to serve data to view. Now presentation layer at back-end. Scala? might be!
  3. Big Table as my database. Why should I pay for Google Cloud SQL!
  4. Backbone or Ember as my view/front-end. These are so hot, so want to burn my finger.
  5. memcached to speed-up things - if wanted.
  6. And, usual HTML5, CSS3, JQuery stuff with html5-boilerplate & twitter bootstrap.

Wish me good luck & most importantly poke me & call me lazy if you doesn't see a site before next year.

A site can give me more visibility and leverage, still....

PS: All right reserved on the idea & design displayed in this blog post.